Sharon’s gorgeous raspberry ice cream

Sharon gave me the recipe for this last week, and this week bought a pot of her ice cream along to the allotment so that we could all try it. Obviously we had to eat it pretty quickly so that it didn’t melt, but that was really not a problem – it was fantastic. You need either an ice cream maker, or a freezer and some arm-work to make this delicious concoction, but oh, it’s worth it!

Put 4 oz caster sugar and 4 egg yolks in a large bowl. Warm 1/2 pint of milk (full or semi skimmed), then add the milk to the eggs and sugar. Whisk the mixture, then put it back into the milk pan. Split 1 vanilla pod, and add the contents to the mixture.  SLOWLY warm the mixture through, stirring gently.  Do not boil, as the eggs will scramble. Remove from the heat when the mixture is thick enough to coat the back of the spoon. When the mixture is cool, mix in 1/2 pint of double cream.   Stir in the  raspberries – as many as you want to put in.  Follow instructions for your  ice cream maker (lucky thing), or put into freezer and stir every 1/2 hour to break up the ice crystals, until it looks like ice cream.

Courgette fritters

This recipe has had a few outings in our house recently, as it is a lovely quick meal usefully using courgettes – especially  good for the big ones that grow sneakily under a leaf. We enjoy it with oven-baked sweet potato wedges, and a nice big green salad – easy!

Use about half a large courgette. Quarter it, cut out and discard the seedy middle, then grate the flesh coarsely into a bowl. Slice up 3 spring onions and add them to the bowl with three tablespoons of SR flour. Mix well, then beat two free-range eggs and then beat into the mixture; finally gently fold in  half a tub (125g) of ricotta cheese. 

The mixture will be quite sloppy. Heat a pan with some olive oil, and spoon the batter into the pan to make quite small, compact fritters – about 3 at a time in an average-sized pan. When fritters are browned on one side and firm enough, turn over. Move to a warm plate when cooked while you finish cooking the rest. If you make too much mix, it will keep uncooked in the fridge until lunch the next day.


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