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So, there are two types of raspberries, the summer fruiting ones and the autumn fruiting ones.

We were given some raspberry canes for the community allotment last year, which were very sorry-looking, but they grew. Previously I had also been given some canes for my own allotment which again were pitiful-looking roots with a bit of stick when I got them. Both raspberry patches now have clear plans for world domination, but whereas my raspberries have, well, raspberries, the community plot ones do not.

My raspberries started fruiting in mid august, which must make them autumn-fruiting raspberries, but the community plot plants have nothing on them now, and had nothing on them in the summer. Why?

We were discussing the raspberry problem on the plot yesterday, and came to the following conclusions: either our raspberries are duff, or an error was made in the pruning last year. This is in part a problem of getting plants donated to the allotment; we were so happy to have a load of fruit canes to put in, that we (well, it was me really) neglected to ask which sort – i.e. when they would fruit.

We planted them in early summer 2010; much later in the year I was visiting RHS Wisley with my mum where we were discussing the problem with raspberries amongst the immaculate fruit beds.  We found some Wisley gardeners in the fruit garden who told us it was much too late to prune any sort of raspberry at all now, but if they were autumn-fruiting ones, we could prune them in February. Still none the wiser, on both plots I cut some back in February, and left some. On my allotment most are fruiting, but on the community plot none are. There is, of course, the possibility that there is a mixture of canes on both plots.

In summary, the expert pruning advice is: If you are picking raspberries right now on your allotment, then lucky you, and you should prune all the growth back to ground level in February, and give them a feed. If you were picking raspberries in summer, but they have all gone now, then now is the time to prune out the canes that had fruit on them. If you have the sort that someone mentioned on the plot yesterday that fruit twice, then could you post what you do with them?because I have no idea a all.

On the community allotment, I think we will experiment. The raspberry patch needs controlling anyway, so I think we will cut a path through the middle, thin the rogue canes, then prune one side now, and the other side in February; making sure we take a note of what we’ve done, and then wait for next summer. In the meantime, in case the canes are duff, I will be moving some runners from my plot onto the community allotment to make a new raspberry patch.

Raspberry obsession? yes – and this is why!

Sharon gave me the recipe for her home made raspberry ice cream last week, and this week bought a pot of it along to the allotment so that we could all try it. Obviously we had to eat it pretty quickly so that it didn’t melt, but that was really not a problem – it was fantastic.check out the recipe for Sharon’s gorgeous raspberry ice cream on the recipe page.