Gardening Group,  run by community gardener  Carolyn BrightwaterGardeners of all ages and abilities meet on the plot on a Thursday afternoon to grow together, share the produce, and learn as we go along.

We meet at 2pm,  new gardeners always welcome to join this friendly mixed group – cost is just £1, includes tea and biscuits, come along on a Thursday and say hello!

 What’s going on at the Allotment?

NEWS: All change at the allotment. Well, I have had a lovely few years watching and helping the Gardening Club grow, both in  size and strength – and in vegetables! But I’m sad to say I won’t be involved with the Community Allotment after July 5th, as it has been dragged kicking and screaming into the warm embrace of the  ‘Big Society’ and now needs one or several keen, talented and reliable volunteers to take over the running of the Thursday afternoon mixed-ability Gardening Club.

Soo, I’d like to take the time here to say thank you to all the Gardening Club members and visitors for turning up year round with enthusiasm, ideas and hard labour, with only the lure of tea (eventually) and a ginger biscuit in return for their hard work and muddy hands.  Huge thanks also to the lovely volunteers whose reliable attendance and good humour made the sessions work so well – Eileen, Lucy and Jo, you know who you are x

If you’re interested in helping out or taking it over,  Bridport Community Orchard Group would love to hear from any interested parties as soon as possible – or you can of course  talk to me on here.

Allotment Events

February Potato Day In St Mary’s Church Hall 

 October Apple Day in the Community Orchard – loads more information about the orchard and events on the Bridport Community Orchard website.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by david on June 11, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    For peat’s sake – where is Bridport ? Rhode Island ?
    Its ‘ forthcoming ‘ not ‘ upcoming ‘


    • Haha, grammar fail, sorry. No, not Rhode Island – or is that some sort of American grammatical in-joke? It’s Dorset, in Olde England.


    • And, although I appreciate the gardening reference, for strict accuracy you should have said ‘for pete’s sake’ . . .sorry – couldn’t resist 🙂


      • Posted by David on June 22, 2012 at 3:51 pm

        Three times I attempted to reply to your post yesterday and none managed to make it through : too verbose ? automatic limit on replies ? blocked ! ? If you would like to me explain – david.robinson316@yahoo.co.uk

  2. Excited to find out about the garden! My research has been pretty poor not to have found a community garden here before now. Hope to attend your no-dig session. Skills I can take back to Oz next year for our community garden! My blog is http://www.tigheshillgarden.blogspot.com Would like to write one about your garden.


    • Hi there Meryl, thanks for your comments; sorry I’ve been pretty inactive on the blog recently, but I’m about to be ousted from my role at the community allotment, to be replaced by an as-yet unrecruited volunteer; politics, hmm. It would, however be good to see you at the no-dig session – hope you can make it.


      • Posted by David on June 21, 2012 at 2:12 pm

        Whoa – about to be ousted ?!? That does not sound fair. I’ve enjoyed reading your pieces in the blog.

      • Hi there David, thanks for your comment, and sorry to my avid reader(s)that my blog has not been as well-maintained as I intended. Rather lost the heart for it as events unfolded this year. It’s been a matter of politics over practicality, is my humble opinion, and I just hope that someone steps in really very soon – see request for volunteers at the top of the page – to the save the situation.

        I just want to see it maintained and developed, and not left to run to weeds, but at the moment, until a volunteer or several turns up to help, it’s all looking a bit iffy.

        Perhaps I’ll continue the blog to my planned new project, if that comes off!

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